• Calm and Quiet

    We offer tranquil service in a calm, quiet & relaxed environment for you.

  • Luxury

    We provide luxury stay at Aranyani, and we engage you to fall in love with our destination.

  • Eco-friendly

    Being eco friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment

  • Hospitality

    We welcome our guests with heart-warming hospitality and offer them a comfortable stay with essential amenities.


ARANYANI is ten acres of green pastures inside the RAIN FORESTS of the WESTERN GHATS. It is situated 2 kms interior from the main  NH4A  BELGAUM GOA national Highway. Just 75 Kms from all major cities of GOA and the same distance from Belgaum City. ARANYANI XTREME WILD is an actual JUNGLE CAMP, which is away from the main road, is a JUNGLE in itself.

This JUNGLE HOMESTAY is dedicated to GODDESS ARANYANI – The Goddess of the FORESTS and all the living creatures in it.

We started in 1987 with small huts and catering to NATURE LOVERS, TREKKING GROUPS, BIRD WATCHERS, ANIMAL OBSERVERS, SKY GAZERS and in total for people who wanted to EXPLORE NATURE.

We have now renovated the place with luxury COTTAGE TENTS having attached constructed spacious washrooms.

Here at ARANYANI we want you to experience the actual JUNGLE with its awesome colorful FLORA and FAUNA.

People in general have a very wrong concept of the forest and moreover the wild animals living within. We at ARANYANI, want to educate the civilization in general that the JUNGLE is the most peaceful place on EARTH and also that no animal attacks without provocation. Once you visit us you will surely go back and tell the world that the JUNGLE is the place to be.

With 0 (ZERO) percent POLLUTION you will be in a HEALTH PARADISE with millions of trees around, you can but only breathe crisp fresh clean air.